L’Oréal receives complaint over Maybelline mascara TV advert

By Lucy Tandon Copp 20-Jun-2018

The ad for Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation mascara was challenged regarding whether it was misleading to viewers

via Instagram @Maybelline

A complaint recently lodged with UK watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regarding a TV ad for Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation mascara has been over-ruled.

The complainant challenged whether the ad misled viewers in imagery showing a before and after of a model’s eye by using pre- or post-production techniques.

L’Oréal confirmed that no such techniques had been used on the lashes in the after image.

It explained that the lower lash line looked the same in both images because no product was applied for either the before or after image, in order to emphasise the effect on the upper lashes solely.

L’Oréal provided a signed declaration from the make-up artist who applied the mascara on the photoshoot, which the ASA accepted as firm proof.

The complaint therefore was not upheld, with the ASA noting: “We considered that because L'Oréal had not used pre- or post-production techniques in relation to the after image, the ad, and in particular the scene featuring the before and after images, did not misleadingly exaggerate the likely effects of the product.”

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The ad was found to abide by BCAP Code rules and no further action was required.