King of Shaves shakes up razor market


The British brand has released a water-activated razor

UK shaving brand King of Shaves has launched a new razor which it claims sets a new performance standard in the global razor market. The brand's new Hyperglide razor features a patented water-activated cartridge that creates its own HydroGel, allowing men to shave without the use of shaving foams or gels.

The design is said to have taken four years and a £15m investment to develop, according to founder and CEO Will King, who partnered with a UK university to create the advanced coating that covers the surface of the razor cartridge. The technology, which is being applied to razors for the first time, was previously used to aid the easy insertion of catheters into arteries with minimal friction. King told Cosmetics Business: “We looked at the lubri strip on men's razors and wanted to find a way to make it better. Through the Hyperglide, we've made this technology simpler, easier and more intuitive.”

King of Shaves Hyperglide launches in January priced at £9.99. It will be available in the UK via key retailers including Boots and grocery stories, and in the US through Target.

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