Are consumers ready to move on from the man bun?

Published: 1-Dec-2015

Cosmetics Business asks a panel including King of Shaves, The Bluebeards Revenge and more

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For the first time ever, interest in men’s hair has overtaken women’s hair on Google. A recent report into the most searched for hair care terms found that 2015 saw the greatest level of interest than any year so far.

Longer, more stylised and less practical hair styles have become the norm. The terms “man bun” and “how to do a man bun” were two of the most searched for in the hair category across 2015. Celebrities such as Harry Styles and Jared Leto have further fuelled the trend, with consumers looking to recreate the style themselves. Now, with the news that Groupon has launched a range of clip-on man buns in three colours, the trend has truly gone mainstream.

So what’s next in male hair? At a recent CEW presentation, What next for hair?, Flynn Matthews, Beauty Analyst at Google, said that the popularity of long hair for men was bringing hair care products to a new demographic. She said: “When males first start to grow their hair they realise that they have textural issues. They’re starting to buy salt sprays or frizz products.” As more men experiment with using hair care products that they may have had little to no exposure to before, brands have an opportunity to secure loyalty. But what else can we expect in men’s hair trends? And is the man bun on its way out? Cosmetics Business puts it to the panel...

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