Jersey Honey: Rejuvenating natural beauty care for your skin


Our deeply conditioning intensive hand cream harnesses the natural power of Jersey Honey which makes the perfect foundation due to it's high antimicrobial properties and high mineral content.

During tests, the total level of activity measured in Jersey Honey was significant at approximately 17% with the level of potassium being recorded at seven times higher than four leading brands.

We expertly formulate our products using only the purest natural ingredients. In every bottle, we infuse 100% Jersey Honey of unsurpassed quality, sourced from the drifting meadows and fresh island air of Jersey. 

Investing in our environment is essential for sustained growth and a healthier future, that's why we work with Natural Capital Partners and invest in a bee project in Africa, this in turn allows us to proudly state that our products are carbon neutral.

Purchasing this product helps support conservation to secure the future for not only Jersey bees, but working together with our retailers, as we invite them to choose a beekeeper in their area who will receive a percentage of the profits from retailing Jersey Honey products at their local stores.

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