Insect repellent sun protection that won’t wash off

Published: 1-Jul-2011

Saltigo develops water-resistant insect repellent/sunscreen emulsion

Lanxess subsidiary Saltigo has developed a water-resistant insect repellent combined with a sunscreen emulsion. The new preparation, Saltidin Combi Sun, contains 15% of the insect repellent Saltidin as well as UVB and UVA filters. Tests confirm a sun protection factor of 15, while a water resistance factor of 92% ensures successful and lasting protection against insects. Manufacturers may now apply for usage rights for the basic formula and once registered can produce the preparation and sell it under their own brand name. Diana Rudolph, Saltidin business manager, comments: “Many customers expressed an interest in buying the tried and tested ingredient Saltidin from us and we’re keen to draw on our experience in producing effective insect repellents.”

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