Innovative makeup packaging for lip beauty

Published: 19-Dec-2022

Plastic but with glass look, unsqueezable but with squeezed design

Among the many makeup packaging options for lip beauty, a tube-shaped lip gloss container along with state-of-art design is definitely a great choice, rigid and also thick-walled appearance with glass look and feel. When you first see this tube with squeezed look, you may wonder it is glass or plastic, it is squeezable or squeezed. That is highlights of this makeup tube design.

It’s indeed a rigid tube that made of plastic PETG material which is high transparency, the squeezed shape is from the mold and made by injecting process, so it is a plastic tube but looks like glass. This type of package is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, It is also safe to use and reusable. These containers are especially useful when traveling, with a volume of 6.5 ml. So as to satisfy various requirements, there is 2 different styles of closure available for option, a square plastic cap with ribs, as well as a standard round screw cap but classic.

If you are seeking an exclusively created plastic make-up tube, it will be great choice to have this thick-wall tube as a packaging solution for liquid lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow and more colour cosmetic products, with custom-made colours and textures as well as extra illustration for your extraordinary beauty brands.

Bring your ideas into product, regardless if you expect a brand-new packaging to replace an existing packaging, or develop a custom-made cosmetic container, or even just have a conception, Rayuen will certainly provide you the greatest packaging resolutions and products.

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