Innospec launches 2020 Responsible Business Report


This report provides an overview of our on-going commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability

Explore their newly launched Responsible Business Report.

This report provides an overview of their on-going commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The report defines their responsible business strategy and focus areas, which reflect the issues that matter most to our customers, investors, employees and suppliers.

These focus areas have been developed across the four pillars of sustainability: Social, Environment, Governance and Economic.

There can be no doubt that 2020 was a unique and challenging year. Despite this, they have continued to innovate and develop the new technologies that help their customers create better products with improved social and environmental outcomes.

The commitment and contribution of thier employees during these difficult times has enabled them to continue to make progress towards their goal of building a sustainable business.

Operating as a responsible business is fundamental to the ongoing success of Innospec. Integrating sustainability into thier day-to-day activities enables them to operate more efficiently, drive improvement, create innovative solutions and meet our stakeholder’s expectations.

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