Beyond Beauty by BASF: Unlocking the future of personal care

Published: 25-Mar-2024

As our world continues to change, awareness of the need to protect the environment, preserve resources and address climate change – now and in the future – is growing

The personal care industry must recognize its responsibility and drive the transformation towards a more sustainable life, in line with consumers’ values and priorities for sustainable and eco-conscious cosmetic products.

More than just good looks

Tomorrow’s views on beauty will go far beyond just outward appearance. They will reflect inner wellbeing and responsibility for future generations. They will express a holistic and transparent approach to consumption and life as a whole, as well as aspirations to more sustainable living, achieved through health-conscious and life-long care. Beauty of tomorrow will be simple and underlined with authenticity while caring for the planet.

The cosmetics industry is called on to take the next step: in order to tackle societal challenges like climate change, resource shortages and preserving the world for tomorrow we must collectively drive the transition to a more sustainable life.

Beyond Beauty

Accordingly, BASF Personal Care as the leading personal care ingredient supplier has defined its mission as working hand-in-hand with partners and customers throughout the value chain to develop the next generation of sustainable, high-performance products. By assuming an active role in enabling solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future, we want to support the industry in meeting evolving requirements as well as consumers’ changing values and wishes.

Our Beyond Beauty campaign expands the boundaries of what has been possible to date, by collaborating with customers to offer an even more transparent and comprehensive approach to beauty. Not only are we developing cutting-edge technologies validated through scientific evidence, we are also helping drive a transition to more sustainable, ethical and ecologically conscious solutions.

Beyond Beauty is our commitment to empowering customers to unlock new opportunities in a transforming personal care market with innovative solutions backed by digital services – and in line with present and future consumer wishes.

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