Iberchem to create olfactory experience at Expo 2020 Dubai

Published: 7-Oct-2020

Iberchem will be adding an olfactory dimension to the Spain Pavilion

On the occasion of the Dubai 2020 Expo, fragrance manufacturer Iberchem will be adding an olfactory dimension to the Spain Pavilion. It is the first time in the country’s history that scents are integrated into the design of its pavilion.

Different devices and fragrance applications will be used across the installations to give visitors an olfactory experience, highlighting some of the most characteristic scents the country has to offer. An exclusive perfume will also be created for the pavilion, embodying all of the olfactory richness the country has to offer.

“Spain being one of the world’s major fragrance producers, it was a relevant choice to include fragrances in the design of the pavilion,” says Ramón Fernández, CEO of Iberchem.

“The Dubai Expo will be, without a doubt, an event that will be remembered in the future and it is an honour to be part of it. Over the past years, Iberchem has presented a series of projects combining different disciplines and the universe of fragrances.

"Now, to be given the task of illustrating a country through scent, especially on the occasion of a World Expo, is a challenge we are thrilled to take on.”

“Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to scents: from the green aroma of the northern woods to the fresh air of the coast and the arid climate of the south,” said Luz Vaquero, Iberchem’s Head Perfumer.

“It’s a beautiful and enriching experience for a perfumer. It represents a unique opportunity to create fragrances with a distinctive profile. Each scent we have designed embraces in its own way the country’s natural, cultural and historical attributes. Visitors will get to discover a combination of recognisable scents and beautiful olfactive allegories.”

It is not the first time that Iberchem has given its fragrances a creative purpose: after combining them with virtual reality (360º VR Experience by Iberchem, Beautyworld Middle East 2018), the company also since paired its creations with art (Nasevo: El Hombre que Confude Color con Olor, art exhibition in 2018), with movies (Cinematik by Iberchem, Beautyworld Middle East 2019) and with music (Notes&Accords: A Multisensorial Concert, 2019 with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia).

The Dubai 2020 Expo will take place in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022. Over 25 million visitors from all around the world are expected to attend. Connecting Minds, Creating the Future is the main theme of the Expo, with opportunity, mobility and sustainability as the three subthemes.

Spain’s pavilion, (managed by Acción Cultural Española, a public organisation responsible for the presence in international and universal exhibitions) will cover about 6,000 m2, and will be located in the Expo district dedicated to sustainability, under the heading Intelligence for Life.

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