IFF showcases award winning novel hair conditioning biopolymer


IFF showcases advanced bioscience capabilities with award-winning, novel hair conditioning biopolymer, AURIST AGC. Winner of the In-Cosmetics innovation zone functional ingredient gold award, AURIST AGC is a readily biodegradable, cationic hair conditioning biopolymer with superior performance attributes in smoothing, softening, detangling and conditioning compared to incumbent technology

IFF showcases award winning novel hair conditioning biopolymer

AURIST™ AGC is the first ingredient enabled by IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymers (DEB) platform. DEB uses advanced biotechnology to create novel, nature-inspired biopolymers that drive performance enhancement in beauty and personal care, breaking the trade-off between performance and sustainability. Polysaccharides developed by DEB can also be made biodegradable to meet the increased regulatory and consumer pressures to replace some traditional polymers.

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AURIST™ AGC is part of the new AURIST™ functional line launched in February 2023. AURIST™ is a family of sustainable biopolymers based on responsibly-sourced, natural sugars, enabled by IFF’s cutting-edge biotechnology capabilities, and designed to elevate sensorial experiences in personal care.

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