IFF-Lucas Meyer harnesses new mode of action to fight age-related weight gain

By Julia Wray 31-Oct-2018

IFF-Lucas Meyer launches Morpholyss at in-cosmetics Asia event in Bangkok

IFF-Lucas Meyer has debuted an active ingredient to help fight the dreaded middle age-spread. Launched this week at the in-cosmetics Asia B2B event in Bangkok, Thailand, Morpholyss reduces adipose tissue via a process termed 'Lipomorphing' by IFF-Lucas Meyer.

Derived from the seed of the longan fruit, a relative of the lychee that's native to China and often called 'long yan', or dragon's eye, Morpholyss is proven to provide visible results in under a month.

It inhibits the production of the protein PI-1, in what is claimed as a new mode of action available to the cosmetics industry. PAI-1 is linked to increased fat mass and is typically over-expressed with ageing. Use of Morpholyss results in a -77% reduction in the expression of the PAI-1 gene, which is in turn responsible for a -69% reduction of lipid storage capacity via the inhibition of preadipocyte differentiation.

Simultaneously, the product prevents the neovascularisation of fatty tissues, thereby 'starving' adipocytes of their 'nutrition'. IFF-Lucas Meyer calls the combination of both of these effects 'Body Lipomorphing'.

In vivo tests using female subjects of 35 and over show the waistline is reduced by up to -2.2cm in circumference, while thighs are reduced by -1.4cm with twice daily application over 30 days.

Interestingly, unlike with standard topical treatments, such positive results were not arrived at with the aid of a healthy diet, exercise regimen or combined massage, Isabelle Lacasse, Marketing Director, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, told Cosmetics Business.

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Lacasse added that while the longan fruit is an underused and novel fruit as far as the cosmetics industry is concerned, however, it is well known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine making Morpholyss a very strong proposition for personal care targeting Asia-based consumer.

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