How to make hand soap and gel products more attractive with Xirona Color Travel pigments

Published: 3-Jun-2020

Washing hands is clean fun

As a result of the current global pandemic, consumers worldwide are prioritizing good hygiene, increasing the demand for liquid hand wash and gel products.

Subtly pearlescent or bright shimmering liquid hand soaps provide a sparkling touch that makes cleansing fun.

Get inspired and attract consumers at first sight by turning regular liquid soaps and gels into colorful “must-have” products with Xirona Color Travel pigments for holographic-like effects! Xirona pigments display a metamorphic palette of ever-changing colors.

Read more about Xirona Color Travel pigments on our website.

  • Outstanding color travel effects for trendsetting cosmetic formulations
  • Endless styling flexibility for eye-catching shades with up to 4 shades in one product
  • Metallic shine with irresistible multi-color or sparkle effects
  • Ideal for creating holographic appearances and prismatic color depth
  • #instagrammable effects to elevate your products on social media 
  • High pigment stability.

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