EMBLICA: The ayurvedic key to strengthening your skin

Published: 5-Jun-2020

EMBLICA: The ayurvedic key to strengthening your skin
Live Cosmetics Conference: June 9th

In harmony with nature, tradition and science, Emblica is a multi-tasking cosmetic ingredient derived from the fruit of Phyllanthus emblica or amla - one of the most celebrated ayurvedic herbs.

Find out how our treasure, Emblica, strengthens your skin and supports its mission as a protective shield. For example, against pollution or sun radiation.

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The best choice for your cosmetic products

Its safety and efficacy as an antioxidant, skin lightener, and detoxifying assistant makes this substance an excellent choice for a wide variety of skin care and cosmetics applications.

Discover the holistic skin benefits of Emblica during our digital presentation:

  • Long-term radical protection
  • Urban dust shield - anti-pollution properties
  • Calms and balances stressed skin
  • Blue light and IR-A protection
  • The natural choice for a bright and youthful skin tone.

Live Cosmetics Conference - more information here.

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