How Gen Z beauty consumers are living and spending in lockdown


From self-care to Call of Duty, Gen Z's priorities during the pandemic are diverse as they come to terms with an uncertain future

How Gen Z beauty consumers are living and spending in lockdown
Stephanie Capuano

Stephanie Capuano

Despite anxieties and uncertainty facing recent graduates, students and school-age children as a result of the pandemic, the enforced change in tempo and circumstances has resulted in some silver linings.

When teenage personal care brand 31st State, inspired by California living, reached out to its global network of 16-24 years olds for honest views on their new daily lives, what it received back was a collection of personal essays filled with 'optimism' and a 'deeper appreciation' for home life.

Here, founder Stephanie Capuano talks to Cosmetics Business about the insights gleaned from her brand's research.

How are Gen Z consumers coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?

We reached out to our Gen Z customers and contributors from Europe to Africa and the US, to take their temperatures, so to speak, about techniques they are adopting to cope during the pandemic.

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Over 60 blog entries were submitted to our platform, from all over the globe, with people sharing their ...

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