Good things come in small packages

Published: 16-Mar-2023

The new Regula Petit Jar taps into the mini-sizes trend to complement Quadpack’s Regula family

Miniature-sized products have always fascinated beauty consumers. Convenient, affordable and cute, there is often one thing missing: sustainability. International beauty manufacturer and provider Quadpack resolves this with Regula Petit Jar, a fully recyclable pack available in two practical capacities.

The thick-walled jar is made of PET, a recyclable material, and can also be offered in a recycled version. The cap is PP, which is also recyclable. Made in Germany, the pack is offered in two capacities: 15ml and 30ml, making it perfect for lips, eyes and other specific face areas, as well as for on-the-go usage.

A life-cycle assessment (LCA) of the product shows that Regula Petit Jar in recycled PET has a 31% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to the virgin PET version. The circularity index is 3.5 times better when opting for the PCR PET jar. According to Quadpack’s PIP (positive-impact packaging) rating, the Regula Petit Jar in PET has an Intermediate Level of Sustainability and the recycled version has an Advanced Level of Sustainability.

Regula Petit Jar is the ideal complement for brands that already use the Regula family for their product range and want to extend their offer with travel or promotional sizes. As travel picks up to pre-pandemic levels, so does the demand for small packaging.

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