Gattefossé gains ERI 360° labels for 3 ingredients

By Julia Wray | Published: 12-Jul-2021

Gatuline Link’n Lift, Gatuline Renew and EnergiNius have all been recognised for their sustainability

Gattefossé has announced that, as part of its CSR approach, three of its major cosmetic ingredients have obtained the ERI 360° eco label.

ERI 360° was co-created in 2018 by various beauty industry players (including Gattefossé) and developed by Innov’Alliance, and enables the entire lifecycle of a product to be assessed from its origin through to launch on market.

There are three certification levels scored out of 100: bronze (for a score between 75-85), silver (85-95) and gold (above 95).

Gattefossé’s Gatuline Link’n Lift anti-ageing active ingredient, targeting horizontal wrinkles around the eyes and obtained from horse chestnut flower, was awarded the silver label, as was the Japanese cedar bud-derived skin smoothing active ingredient Gatuline Renew.

Meanwhile, EnergiNius, a certified organic product obtained from the roots of Indian ginseng, which protects skin from artificial visible light damage, was awarded a bronze label.

"We have been working for many months to obtain the ERI 360° label for these key actives,” said Paula Lennon, Group Director, Personal Care at Gattefossé.

“This label, based on an analysis grid of 100 indicators, is one of the strictest currently in use, and focuses on a full cradle-to-gate evaluation of ingredients, their composition and processing.

“The beauty industry has high expectations on sustainability and eco-responsibility, and we at Gattefossé share the commitment of our customers to provide ingredients that are constantly in progress in this area.”

She added: “We intend to pursue the ERI 360° certification for other products in the coming months.”

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