GEKA’s best performing mascara combinations on show at MakeUp in Los Angeles

Published: 28-Jan-2022

Advanced liquid cosmetics applicators and full-service approach ensure the perfect mascara match

As a pioneer of high precision beauty application solutions, GEKA knows what it takes to achieve the perfect mascara match. Delivering market leading mascara requires an optimal combination of brush, packaging, wiper and formula. This unlocks the volume, length, definition, separation and curling that make truly stunning eye lashes.

GEKA will attend this year’s MakeUp in Los Angeles exhibition to share its latest application solutions for liquid cosmetics with the industry. A standout highlight will be the brand-new best performing mascara combinations collection of moulded brushes.

The kit contains the two best performing ready-to-go mascaras with the following make-up effects: XXL Volume, Volume & Definition, Volume and Lengthening, Volume and Curling and Specials (1x Topcoat, 1 x Mascara Base Primer).

The best performing solutions are filled, fully tested, and inspected using in-house expertise from one single source for speed-to-market.

Far beyond being simply a packaging supplier, GEKA leverages its extensive in-house capabilities to provide a full turnkey service for mascara development and delivery.

This incorporates applicator design, packaging, formulation, lab expertise, graphics, finishing, filling and accessories. A dynamic approach allows customers to select services as required – ensuring an efficient process and a product that perfectly matches the DNA of their beauty brand.

GEKA offers its customers seamless access to laboratories staffed by highly experienced chemists, polymer experts, packaging and application specialists. This ensures a holistic approach to the development of mascara formulation, applicator and packaging.

All design decisions are backed by hard data from application, material and microbiological testing. GEKA even employs standardised rating values for volume, curling, lengthening and separation. With this rigorous, scientific approach, nothing is left to chance. Once a product is defined, further panel tests ensure that it is ready for launch.

Customers are even invited to engage in the company’s Mascara Workshop, a face-to-face approach to the development process that emphasises close collaboration.

Beyond product development, GEKA can carry out branding, filling and distribution as part of its full-service offering. A dedicated marketing and branding team with access to state-of-the-art printing equipment ensures that products will stand out on the shelf.

Filling machines at facilities in Germany and the USA can quickly package mascara, allowing a fully finished product to be delivered directly to customers.

By providing a complete, expert mascara service, GEKA enables its customers to cut product development times, reduce overall costs and deliver products to market faster. All this while delivering an optimal mascara product combination that is of the highest quality.

To learn more about its turnkey mascara development and packaging service, visit GEKA on Booth G3 during MakeUp 2022 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles on the 23-24 February.

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