Four formulations for skin detox


From electronic devices to air pollution, consumers’ skins are under constant attack. The following formulations tackle various forms of pollution, for less stressed-out skin

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest skin detox formulations for less stressed-out skin.

From electronic devices to air pollution – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

This Skin Resilience Serum formulation contains Mibelle Biochemistry’s MossCellTec No.1 ingredient, which strengthens skin against urban aggressors and climatic changes


Dissolve disodium EDTA in water. Mix glycerine and Siligel and add under agitation. For phase B, mix water and pentylene glycol and add chlorphenesin. Pour phase B into phase A under agitation. Add components of phase C one by one under agitation. Verify homogeneity before adding the next component. Dissolve MossCellTec No.1 into water and add to phase ABC. Mix to homogeneity. Adjust to pH 5.5-6 if necessary.

Formulation 2

Evening Skin Charger allows Gattefossé’s EnergiNius and Gatuline Radiance active ingredients to work overnight to fight the effects of digital pollution and promote a healthy glow.

Formulation 3

To demonstrate usage of its Eosidin, RedSnow and B-Circadin active ingredients, Clariant has created this Urban Antidote example formulation.


Disperse the Aristoflex polymer in phase A until a clear gel is formed. Heat to 70°C. Mix phase B and heat up to 70°C. Mix phase B to phase A under high shear agitation for one minute. Cool down while stirring at 200 rpm. Mix phase C until clear and add to the formulation. Add each ingredient of phase D separately while stirring. Check and adjust pH at 5.5.

Formulation 4

HEV Detox Refiner from Codif Technologie Naturelle, this product is based on Raykami, a polyphenol-rich active ingredient that helps prevent skin protein carbonylation caused by UV and high-energy visible (HEV) light.


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Heat phase A to 75°C in an emulsifier with gentle stirring. Add pre-mix B (prepared beforehand in a deflocculator) and emulsify at 2,000 rmp for ten minutes. Add phase C and emulsify at 2,500 rpm for ten minutes. Add D and emulsify at 2,500 rpm for ten minutes. Heat phase E to 75°C. Emulsify phase E in phase ABCD in an emulsifier at 2,500 rpm for ten minutes; leave to cool to 35°C while stirring gently. Add the phase F ingredients one by one followed by phase G while stirring gently and keep mixing for 15 minutes. Check the pH.

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