Fenty Beauty predicted to outsell Kylie Cosmetics

By Sarah Parsons 29-Jan-2018

Rihanna's make-up line and its inclusive foundation range is on track to top Kylie Jenner's sales


Fenty Beauty is tipped to outperform Kylie Cosmetics, research from big data insight firm Slice Intelligence has revealed.

When the Rihanna-fronted brand launched in September, its sales were five times higher than Kylie Cosmetics and more than 30% higher in its second month of trading.

The Battle of the beauty divas report found that Fenty shoppers are more likely to spend the most on make-up per year at $437.32, followed by consumers of Kat Von D Beauty ($364.93), KKW ($317.43) and Kylie Cosmetics ($197.80).

Fenty also outperforms its celebrity-fronted brand rivals when it comes to attracting a diverse range of consumers.

It has the most African-American and Hispanic shoppers, with white customers making up the brand’s smallest consumer group – likely driven by the brand’s large selection of foundation shades.

Out of the four ‘diva brands’, Kim Kardashian’s make-up line KKW attracted the most experimental consumers, with only 35% being brand loyal.

However, Kylie Cosmetics has the largest number of brand loyalists with 82% of beauty fans returning to the Jenner-owned brand.

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The consumer intelligence found that 60% of KKW shoppers also bought Kylie Cosmetics products, while only 7% of Kylie fans have bought from KKW.