Explore Unique: original thinking in Beauty and Personal Care

Published: 28-Apr-2023

Explore a world of innovative ingredients that create award winning formulations

With Innospec solutions you can design your unique formulation for skin, hair, and body care. Innospec has launched the latest set of trend-based formulations, for every generation. Explore unique, the original thinking in beauty and personal care! Let us help you find out which products will work beautifully for you!

Their global team has the technical expertise and the market understanding to develop on-trend formulations that capture the physical and sensory attributes consumers want. Whether it’s a silky after-feel, ease of rinseability, or luxurious foam, Innospec knows what makes a successful formulation and how to impart a unique experience to go along with it.

Innospec recognises that beauty has no limits and is for every generation. Because of that, they have recently launched Explore Unique, the original thinking in beauty and personal care. The Explore Unique formulation line consists of ten, trend-based products that meet the specific needs of every generation. From budget, types of products, views on sustainability, and brand loyalty, Innospec knows what each generation prefers for their daily personal care routines.

  • Silent Generation (ages 77-94): Luscious & Luxury Body Cleanser
  • Baby Boomers (ages 58-76): Aqua Burst Cream; Butter Rich Shampoo
  • Generation X (ages 42-57): Naturally Clean Facial Cleanser; Pomegranate Paste Cleanser
  • Generation Y/Millennials (ages 26-41): Duo-One Shampoo & Conditioner Bar; Healthy Scalp Shampoo Bar; Hair Bonding Serum
  • Generation Z (ages 10-25): Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate; Paper Pocket Cleanser- 2022 Laura Marshall Award winning formulation

Visit Innospec at innospecpersonalcare.com to learn more about each of these unique formulations. Let Innospec help you transform the ordinary into something special that will work beautifully for you!

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