Eckart launches Mirage Holo Magic to satisfy consumer needs

Published: 1-Jul-2020

In times in which consumers demands for innovative, safe and eco-friendly personal care products are continuously rising, Eckart has just launched Mirage Holo Magic to help cosmetic players satisfy these needs.

The rainbow is the magic effect of sun rays playing on water droplets - with multiple colour shades and an aura of purity. This natural spectacle has become the symbol of creativity and hope and inspired Eckart to develop Mirage Holo Magic.

This sparkling new pearlescent effect pigment adds eye-catching multidimensional effects to personal care and colour cosmetics and is ideally suited for highlighters, lipsticks and eye shadows.

Like the entire Mirage family by Eckart, Mirage Holo Magic is based on the purest borosilicate. This ensures an excellent safety profile and provides for the high sparkle and clean colors.

All Mirage products, including the new Mirage Holo Magic are free of PET, microplastic or mineral oil, thus meeting rising consumer demands for sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients for clean beauty.

Technically, Mirage Effect Pigments, including the new Mirage Holo Magic, have plenty to offer: they are easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of solvents.

Thus, compared to other glittery particles, they enable very stable liquid and creamy formulations without loss of colour or sparkle over a long time. This flexibility opens the door for the formulation creativity necessary these days to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

From a sensory point of view, the controlled particle size distribution of Mirage Holo Magic ensures a very pleasant skin feel in all sorts of formulations.

Eckart has developed a number of formulations to show the multiple possibilities the new Mirage Holo Magic offers. These formulations are available for free download from the Eckart homepage here.

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