Desire for ‘feel good factor’ leads half of UK women to try DIY beauty treatments

Poll by centre:mk also revealed that 33% had visited a salon to 'fix' an at home beauty mishap

A recent poll of 2,000 British women has revealed that 57% feel it is important to take time out for self care.

The study, commissioned by UK shopping centre centre:mk, also showed that this desire for the ‘feel good factor’ had led to almost half the women polled trying DIY beauty treatments.

Treatments women admitted to getting regularly as part of their self-care regime include eyebrow threading, pedicures and waxing, with 39% saying such treatments give them a confidence boost; 27% booked in order to feel ‘pampered’, while 12% said treatments helped them ‘de-stress’. Meanwhile, more than a third of women made beauty appointments to ‘treat themselves’.

Nearly 30% of women said they had appreciated beauty treatments more in recent months.

Despite almost 50% of women saying they’d tried DIY beauty hacks at home during lockdown, 33% of those polled also noted they’d had to go to a professional to get a beauty mishap fixed.

These beauty disasters, said the respondents, included wonky haircuts and eyebrows, streaky fake tan and allergic reactions.

centre:mk’s beauty research was part of a wider study into self care, which found that, during a typical week, UK women spend 76 minutes on ‘me time’.

“It is clear from the research that women are eager to take time out for self care in order to boost their mental and physical wellbeing,” Kim Priest, Head of Marketing at centre:mk, said.

“Beauty is a quick fix for making women feel good, however research has also revealed that walking, yoga, exercise, meditation, retail therapy and good sleep are amongst many other self-care activities undertaken to boost wellbeing. The demand for self-care will only intensify.”