Cremer Oleo joins FONAP

Published: 28-Feb-2014

Supplier supports the cultivation of sustainable palm oil

Hamburg based chemical raw materials supplier Cremer Oleo has announced that it has joined the German Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil (Forum Nachhaltiges Palmöl, or FONAP). FONAP is a national alliance of companies, associations and non-government organisations with the aim of jointly developing sound solutions to significantly increase the proportion of segregated palm oil and palm kernel oil or their derivatives in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

FONAP was founded on the initiative of the companies Henkel, Rewe Group and Unilever together with WWF in September 2013 as many members of RSPO, particularly in Europe, find that the criteria of the RSPO standard are not yet far-reaching enough. Besides the development of relevant proposals for improvement regarding the existing certification systems, informing the public is FONAP's main concern. The members of FONAP make a public commitment to only use 100% certified palm oil, palm kernel oil or their derivatives up to the end of 2014.

Cremer says it is the first member of FONAP among the producers of oleochemical speciality products. “We regard this step as a crucial component to increasing awareness of the challenges in the supply chain and to being able to offer our customers tailor made solutions to meet their needs," says Ulrike Ehses, the company's Head of Quality Management.

The company says it can already supply all palm based products as RSPO/MB certified products and would like to convince customers to give preference to sustainably manufactured products. As well as Besides glycerine, fatty acids and fatty alcohol, these products particularly include the Cremer specialities from the group of esters (emulsifiers and emollients), tailored to the most diverse customer requirements and suitable for use in foods and cosmetic applications as well as in industrial areas. In addition, Cremer can also offer individual products in RSPO/IP or RSPO/SG certified form.

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