Cosmetics and fragrance manufacturers mobilise for fair trading roundtable

Published: 27-May-2011

Broadening ethically traded ingredients in C&T

The United Nations Organization for Industrial Development’s (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in France recently hosted a roundtable discussion on fair trade, attended by 60 enterprises involved in the essential oils and cosmetics industry including L’Oréal, Yves Rocher and Esteban.

Speakers at the event, which took place on 13 May at Villa Valmer in Marseille, described their commitments at various levels to the fair trade movement. Valérie Roubaud of Terre d’Oc spoke about her work in Vietnam including health care provision for workers in incense-making among other industries. Golgemma’s Patrick Collin addressed economic support for small producers in Madagascar to ensure high quality output, while Jérôme Vaquier (Ecocert) gave insight into certification and control procedures from the perspective of moving towards sustainable, organic agriculture. Finally, Chakib Jenane, chief of UNIDO’s Agro-Industries Technology Unit, reviewed the role played by UNIDO in supporting local institutions and fostering collaboration between stake-holders.

“In many cases, it [fair trade] is a straightforward solution that makes a difference – a win-win practice for the small-scale producers and the enterprises,” commented Jenane. “Its impact is not only limited to reducing poverty, or wealth distribution, but has a dimension of sustainable natural resources use like protecting the environment, and of corporate social responsibility like safety at work, and the protection of children, among others.”

The event was organised by Apidae and supported by fragrance maker TechnicoFlor.

“This event sparked much dialogue between speakers and participants. I believe the spirit of working together will, in the next few months, contribute to now partnerships and so broaden the range of our perfume products developed from fair trading natural ingredients,” said TechnicoFlor ceo François-Patrick Sabater.

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