Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest wellness trends in new report


Wellness is becoming 'the code word for beauty'. This report reveals the white space opportunities for brands

Market overview: At a glance

What's in this report?


Top 5 trends:

1. Anxiety-relief

2. Sleep central

3. Ayurvedic beauty

4. Sexual wellness

5. Digital spas

Country highlights


Source: Euromonitor International, Voice of the Industry Survey 2019

Source: Euromonitor International, Voice of the Industry Survey 2019

Key market challenges addressed

From CBD-enhanced skin care to genderless sex aids, the line between wellness and beauty has blurred to such an extent that today, they can no longer be defined as separate entities. Consumers are prioritising self-care, and view beauty as an extension of this.

Companies are coming to market with wellness offerings that didn’t previously exist, and employers are offering more workplace wellbeing programs.

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“People are more willing to invest in their wellness,” says Fiona Glen, Head of Projects at The Red Tree. “A few years ago, people wouldn’t have spent money on things like infrared saunas or sleep pods, but as wellness is deemed more important now, they are spending more.”


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