Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest trends in bath and body care

Published: 18-Oct-2018

Colour cosmetics and facial skin care have been disrupted and redefined. Now it’s bath and body care’s turn to make waves

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Market overview: At a glance

What's in this report?


Top 5 trends:

1. Body positivity

2. Planet-conscious cleansing

3. Mood-boosting bathing

4. Active care

5. Premium gifting

Country highlights

Summary & Growth Areas

Global top 10 largest bath and shower markets, 2017

Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest trends in bath and body care
Source: Euromonitor International

Key market challenges addressed

From body positivity to self-care, active beauty to clean living, the impact of these movements on the bath and body care category has been significant in 2018. New brands are bursting onto the scene, while market leaders are finding ways to respond to the shift in consumer expectations.

The category now has an unprecedented opportunity to move away from its traditional perception as a functional category and into winning new positions that align with consumers’ lifestyle choices, habits and beliefs.

But body care has a specific set of challenges that are different to other categories such as facial skin care. According to Nina Franks, CEO of body care brand Prismologie, “Body care requires a much bigger time commitment than face, and many people simply don’t have the luxury of time to invest in daily bath and body routines in our time-pressed modern lifestyle. The trend is to shower and go.

“Instilling good body care habits requires on-going education and demonstration, daily visibility on Instagram and Facebook and maintaining presence in the consumer press. Once a consumer has bought in to your body care concept, there is a need to continuously reinforce that,” she explains.

“Brands and retailers need to educate consumers about the value of moisturising the body, as well as the face,” agrees Piers Lindsay-Taylor, Senior Client Director for Personal Care at global research agency Kantar Millward Brown.

There is also a broader lack of engagement with skin cleansing, with consumers showing little brand loyalty due to its price-driven positioning. “They also often lack awareness of product benefits, which makes them less willing to part with their money,” adds Lindsay-Taylor.

To stand out among the competition, brands need a unique point of view and personality. “Brand experience is extremely important. Here brands can learn a lot from Lush – and work out how to translate that immersive brand experience into a more traditional supermarket retail environment,” says Lindsay-Taylor.

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