Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key beauty start-up trends and advice in new report


Fearless and fast-moving, beauty start-ups continue to set new standards for the beauty industry amid the current crisis. This report reveals how to start out in beauty, which brands to watch and uncovers new opportunities for innovation

Market overview: At a glance

What's in this report?


Top 5 trends:

1. Guide to starting out

2. The pandemic pivot

3. Incubators & accelerators

4. Start-ups to watch

5. The lockdown legacy

Country highlights


Beauty start-ups: Number of VC deals by year, 2009-2019

Source: Crunchbase. Data as of 16 April 2020

Source: Crunchbase. Data as of 16 April 2020

Key market challenges addressed

Both challenged and challengers, beauty start-ups face many hurdles on their journey, but they also create them for other players in the industry.

With large corporations being less nimble and more risk adverse, start-ups are able to challenge the status quo, react quickly to trends and have greater social purpose and individual purpose – all of which are enticing factors for today’s consumer.

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“Consumers are looking to move away from larger companies, to favour independent brands,” says Fiona Glen, Head of Projects at beauty brand consultancy The Red Tree.


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