Colour Journey: The colour-filled adventure by Lumson

Published: 17-Jun-2021

Lumson is setting its sights for cosmetic packaging on a new aesthetic and sensory experience

What happens when the brightest, most vivid, and most intense colours meet Lumson’s creativity and know-how? Something magical is the result: even the simplest and most minimalistic packaging is transformed into something unique. Unexpected combinations of colours and new effects take shape, giving life to an emotion-filled adventure.

A journey worth telling

“Colour Journey is a trip through colour, in a moment in history where we all feel the need for more lightness and vitality”, explains Romualdo Priore, Marketing Director for Lumson.

“Through the shades of colour, we’ve given a concrete answer to this need for joy and energy while continually maintaining a connection with the simplicity and elegance which define our designs.

"As was the case with TAG, one of our best-sellers, this packaging retains its original charm and sophistication but with added individuality and character. And it’s here where all of Lumson’s expertise, technical know-how, and technology is revealed: in the ability to be able to transform something so simple and basic into something unconventional”.

Celebrated for its trendsetting, minimalistic design concepts, Lumson, a leader in primary cosmetic packaging and dispensing systems, is setting its sights for cosmetic packaging on a new aesthetic and sensory experience. And thanks to its expertise in decoration technology and to its research of new effects, the company is giving life to unique products with a distinctive identity.

Thanks to colour, decorations, and features that enhance the sensory experience – a key element of cosmetic products – the simple and clean lines are given new life through the way light plays off the packaging and other novel effects.

Vivid colours, the answer to our need for energy, literally “bring to light” new emotions in us: blue evokes trust and calmness, purple stimulates creativity and imagination, green induces balance and stability, and yellow reflects joy and optimism.

Thanks to colour, packaging is seen in a whole new light

Colour Journey is a fascinating quest for the discovery of the possibilities offered by visual effects and decorations. Thanks to these effects obtained by decorations and colour, packaging is seen in a whole new light.

From solid colours that slowly fade into a gradient effect, to pure high-intensity and semi-transparent colours that enhance the beauty of glass packaging.

On glass, a valuable and noble material, the delicate shades become inviting sorbet-coloured tints, slowly fading out into tones that bring to mind the cool, fresh feeling of an ice cube.

Colour effects and transparency leave glimpses into the heart of the packaging while the shine/matte contrasts create three-dimensional effects.

The jump from idea to product is a short one: “In Lumson, the colour can be developed with the customer on the basis of request and necessity. In the Colour Laboratory, one of the feathers in our hat, the customer can select the colour they prefer, work with a Pantone colour of their choice, or directly create it with us as a team, putting two heads together during the process. And the results are truly incredible”, concludes Priore.

Colour Journey is, most of all, a journey towards the possibility that creativity can offer when technical expertise is combined with technological innovation. It’s a journey that outlines a new future for cosmetic packaging. A future made of colour, technology, and creativity.

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