Celebrating Authentic Beauty with Big Data

Published: 5-Apr-2022

Sculpup, expands cosmetics volumisers solutions with smart, proadipogenic organic blackberry

SculpupTM is Provital’s response to today’s consumers, who are looking for inclusive and non-invasive body cosmetic solutions that are aesthetic surgery-inspired.

An authentic beauty enhancer coming from smart proadipogenic blackberry (patent pending) that broadens the possibilities of body volumisers with new efficacies supported by massive data analysis.

SculpupTMis an active ingredient, 100% of natural origin (ISO 16128) Halal and COSMOS certified and Vegan compliant, which enhances bust and buttocks volume and firmness.

For the first time, we have used transcriptomics to demonstrate, in our in vitro-massive data efficacy test, that our active ingredient is capable of significantly modulating more than 3,500 genes at the same time (which correspond to half of the total related with adipogenesis).

SculpupTM is suitable for use in cosmetic solutions both for men and women who are looking for a bust and buttocks lifting and filling effect.

SculpupTM address a lack of firmness and volume in key moments in life such as post-pregnancy, post-breastfeeding, menopause, post-diet, post-weight loss or to counteract the effects of a lack of exercise.

Discover the multiple possibilities of Sculpup HERE

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