Bioré questions 'bad' skin in latest acne positivity campaign

Published: 16-Jun-2021

The skin care brand has found that 70% of the 1,000 respondents wanted to ‘normalise’ having problem skin

Bioré, the Kao Corporation-owned skin care brand, is the latest beauty company to question labels placed on complexion conditions.

A few months after Unilever pledged to remove the term 'normal' from its products to be more inclusive, Bioré has teamed up with charity Ditch the Label to question 'bad' skin days.

"Together, we have brought together this expertise to offer targeted support for young people who are struggling as a result of their skin," said Bioré.

"As well as ensuring there are more Ditch the Label support mentors on hand to help young people who reach out asking for help, we have also created bespoke support resources, which share practical tips and advice for boosting your skin esteem."

As part of the brand's Skin Esteem campaign, a survey in partnership with OnePoll, found that 70% of the 1,000 respondents wanted to ‘normalise’ having problem skin.

The report also found that 59% of young people say their day to day life is impacted by ‘bad’ skin days; 25% of young people said acne ‘badly’ impacts their self confidence, and half had experienced hurtful comments about their skin.

"In our image obsessed society, we believe that young adults are under more pressure than ever to achieve ‘perfect’ skin, as they compare themselves to others in both real life and on social media," added Bioré.

"These unachievable ideals and constant comparisons can have a devastating impact on their day to day lives – affecting everything from how often they speak up in class to being scared to post an unfiltered selfie."

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