Beauty owner PZ Cussons puts transparency at forefront with deforestation commitment

By Becky Bargh | Published: 17-Dec-2020

The Carex owner will only source pulp and paper materials from suppliers with clear links to tackling deforestation

Consumer goods brand PZ Cussons has extended its no-deforestation commitment and takes another step towards operating a fully transparent supply chain.

The Carex owner has extended its promise, which said no deforestation would take place sourcing palm oil for its products, to include pulp and paper.

The group will now only source materials from suppliers that have clear links to tackling deforestation.

“We are extremely excited to start to apply what we have learnt on our palm oil journey to our paper and cardboard supply chain,” said Neill Craigie, PZ Cussons’ Regional Manager.

“We know that gaining full transparency of our supply chain is critical to sector transformation.”

Today, the group supports the Forest Conservation Fund and invests in three conservation projects in Indonesia to help secure forests’ biodiversity.

PZ Cussons is expected to publish its Pulp & Paper Action Plan, laying out the full details of the operation in July 2021.

The announcement comes days after Unilever said it would put its sustainability plan to shareholders for a vote, marking the first-ever global conglomerate to take the step.

The plan will set out Unilever's climate strategy going forward, including reducing carbon emissions across its supply chain and lay out how consumers are responding to matters connected with climate change.

Meanwhile, supermarket chain Marks & Spencer has committed to relaunching its Plan A sustainability strategy in 2021.

It is also introducing an environmental, social and governance board subcommittee to support the relaunch.

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