BEAUTYLAB launches new retinol serum

Published: 16-Apr-2021

The latest addition to BeautyLab’s award-winning anti-ageing range, this new retinol serum is a one-stop-shop for a more youthful, fresh and radiant complexion

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, this star product features a potent blend of retinol (0.5%), niacinamide, ceramide NG, squalane, vitamins C and E, pro-vitamin B5 and zinc.

Expertly formulated in a lightweight gel serum, the reparative, cell-regenerating and skin-perfecting blend:

  • Improves the appearance of ageing and UV-damaged skin
  • Helps to accelerate cell renewal, supports collagen and boosts strength and elasticity
  • Smooths the appearance of wrinkles and promotes suppleness, brightness and freshness
  • Provides potent antioxidant protection and bolsters the skin barrier
  • Assists in the skin’s healing process, soothes and calms.

Developed for skin that is aged, prematurely aged, pigmented, dull, blemished or experiencing fine lines and wrinkles.

BEAUTYLAB launches new retinol serum

Powerful active ingredients:

  • Retinol boosts cell turnover, encourages skin renewal and enhances collagen content in the dermis. Skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles are smoothed. At the same time, it targets dark spots, dullness, blackheads and blemishes, promotes healing, and works to unify and brighten the skin’s surface.

  • Niacinamide helps to balance sebum production, diminish large pores and reduce skin discolouration.

  • Ceramide NG replenishes natural lipids and helps to fortify the skin barrier. It effectively captures and retains the moisture that the epidermis needs in order to stay supple, smooth and hydrated - leading to the rapid and efficient repair of the cutaneous barrier. The structure of the epidermis is reinforced and resists better to external aggressors.

  • Squalane helps to restore suppleness and neutralise damage caused by UV light. With excellent moisturising capabilities, it helps to relieve dryness and roughness.

  • Vitamins C and E, both powerful antioxidants, fight free radicals and help to protect against the damage of UV exposure. Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and support collagen, enhancing skin’s thickness and elasticity.

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 improves hydration and helps to reduce inflammation. Penetrating into the lower layers, it helps to retain moisture deep within the skin’s tissues, promoting soft, supple and comfortable skin.

  • Zinc is mildly astringent and antimicrobial, lending a soothing effect and calming redness.

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RRP: £35 RRP/30ml

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