An inside look at the beauty trends driving Russian consumers in 2022

By Becky Bargh 10-Dec-2021

How do the beauty shopping habits of Russians compare with the rest of the world? Cosmetics Business finds out from Russian cosmetic retailer Magnit Cosmetic

Magnit is one of Russia's largest cosmetics sellers

Magnit is one of Russia's largest cosmetics sellers

Russia arguably has one of the highest standards of beauty.

Like K-beauty brought us glowing skin and the French nabbed natural, effortless beauty as their standard, Russian consumers have historically favoured lavish beauty products and treatments.

Russia Beyond found that some young women have a beauty budget of more than US$1,000 dollars a month, with excessive amounts of cash being spent on hair styling, anti-cellulite treatments and eyebrow maintenance.

And these high standards do not just apply to women...

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