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Amway to collaborate with top Yale University researcher

Published: 3-Jun-2011

Research to be conducted on biology of skin pigmentation

Direct seller Amway and Yale University researcher Dr John Pawelek have entered into an exclusive three year agreement to research the biological mechanisms underlying skin pigmentation.

Their long-term research goal is to better understand human skin pigmentation disorders and to develop innovative safe and effective therapies for these hard to treat, and often psychologically painful, conditions.

Previous skin cancer research led by Dr Pawelek has helped identify several novel aspects of the cell biology of melanocytes, the cells which synthesise the pigment melanin, and the collaboration will look to expand on these findings jointly.

Says Catherine Ehrenberger, vice president R&D and quality assurance at Amway, says: “Through our partnership we hope to identify new technologies to enhance the performance of our Artistry Whitening products and we are looking forward to continuing our commitment to providing high quality products that help women achieve their desired complexions.”

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