Achieve longer and stronger lashes with Lash Wizard Eyelash serum

Published: 10-Feb-2023

Unleash your client's beauty with the All-New Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum from Flawless Cosmetics. Say farewell to lacklustre lashes and embrace a fuller, thicker, and stronger lash line in just 14 days

Lash Expert Loreta Jasilionyte is the mastermind behind Lash Wizard, a serum designed to enhance lashes with ease and without compromising their health. Loreta's expertise in the lash industry and years of experience educating fellow lash technicians inspired her to create a product that would allow lash artists everywhere to achieve flawlessly beautiful lashes with minimal effort.

3 Vital Factors to Consider About Your Lashes

  1. The Structure of Lashes: Hair, including lashes, grows from the hair root and is comprised of tightly packed, non-living cells known as keratin. Approximately 95% of hair is made up of this protein.
  2. The Speed of Growth: The amount of keratin in hair depends on the speed of cell movement through the follicle. If cells move too quickly, they don't have enough time to fully keratinised and grow upward as half-empty strands.
  3. Nourishing the Roots: Hair roots receive their nutrients through capillaries, so it's important to provide the right nutrition during growth. Feeding lashes with serums containing hormones can increase blood flow and cause the growth cycle to speed up, resulting in lashes that are weak and lacking in keratin.

Some serums contain ingredients like Kariprost, a medication used for treating glaucoma. Using this medication daily if you don't suffer from the condition can put your lashes at risk and lead to hair loss. Kariprost causes hair follicles to grow and produce new cells at a faster rate, but the increased speed of growth results in a lack of keratin.

When you stop using these serums, your lashes will return to their normal length. Wearing lash extensions and constantly relying on lash-enhancing products can be a costly cycle, as your natural lashes will fall out more quickly, causing your extensions to do the same.

The Detrimental Effects of Widely Used High Street Serum

Have you been made aware of the fact that many of the well-known lash serums available on the market can contain hormones or prostaglandins? Are you familiar with the manner in which these components can impact the growth of your lashes and what the long-term consequences might be? Have you considered the effect that hormones can have on the cycle of your lash growth?

The usage of popular high-street serums can result in various negative impacts that are detrimental to your overall health and appearance. These serums contain hormones and prostaglandins, which can affect the growth and cycle of your lashes, leading to long-term consequences. The effects of these components can range from irritation, redness, and itching to more severe reactions such as eye infections and changes in the natural growth pattern of your lashes. In some cases, the overuse of such serums can also cause permanent damage to your lashes, leading to thinning and breakage.

Moreover, the presence of hormones in these products can also disrupt the natural hormonal balance in your body, leading to further complications. It is crucial to understand the potential risks associated with using high-street serums before incorporating them into your beauty routine.

What Makes Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum Stand Out?

Lash Wizard is an advanced serum that utilises biotinoyl tripeptide, a key ingredient that fortifies eyelash fibres and follicles to promote the growth of thicker and stronger lashes. Unlike other serums, the effects of Lash Wizard persist even after discontinuing its use, leaving you with lush lashes until the end of the 90-day growth cycle.

Our serum's innovative formula penetrates the lash follicle to stimulate the formation of lash-enhancing keratin and repair damage while promoting growth. The precisely designed brush applicator delivers a nourishing blend of essential proteins and vitamins to each individual lash.

Additionally, Lash Wizard is free of harmful medications or hormones, so you can enjoy the benefits of longer and thicker lashes without any of the negative side effects. Designed to be used in conjunction with lash extensions, Lash Wizard is the first of its kind in the lash enhancement market. Not only is it safe for use on lashes, but it can also be used to improve the appearance of eyebrows.

With results starting to show after just two weeks of use, Lash Wizard provides you with healthier and fuller-looking lashes in a safe, easy, and convenient manner. Free from fragrances, parabens, cruelty, and hormones, Lash Wizard is the perfect choice for those who want to achieve flawless lashes.

Get Your Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum Today

As a lash artist, you understand the importance of having strong, healthy lashes. The Flawless Lashes Lash Wizard serum provides nourishing, lash-enhancing benefits without the harmful side effects often found in other serums. With its sophisticated technology and nourishing ingredients, this serum is a must-have in your lash care routine. So, try Flawless Lashes Lash Wizard today to take the first step towards flawless lashes!

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