How to choose the right lash shield size for your lash lift treatment

Published: 12-Apr-2023

Get the right lash shield size for a successful lash lift treatment. Flawless Lashes provides tips on choosing the right size and introduces the new silicone lash lift

For a lash lift treatment, what size lash shield should you use?

We have compiled information to help you select the correct lash shield size for your LVL lashes treatment. As a trained beauty expert, you know that the right equipment is as crucial as good technique. In the case of lash lift treatments, having the proper equipment can make all the difference in the world.

The new silicone lash lift shields by Flawless Lashes are used to lift, laminate, and vitamin-feed the natural lashes, and are among the most important tools for a lash lift treatment. We hope that this guide serves as a valuable resource for you, whether you are an experienced lash lift technician or just getting started in the pitch.

How do lash lift shields work?

The Lash Lift treatment is a semi-permanent method of enhancing the appearance of one's eyelashes by curling, thickening, strengthening, and lifting them with the aid of lash shields, also known as lash lift rods. You can not get lash lift or lamination results without the main tool, which are lash lift shields/rods.

In a lash lift procedure, lash shields serve as a foundation upon which the lashes can be lifted and reshaped. Modern lash lift shields are made from silicone or another flexible and durable material and come in a range of sizes to fit a wide variety of eye sizes and lash lengths.

To keep the lashes in place during treatment, the shields are placed on the eyelid close to the lash line, and the lashes are combed through the opening in the shield.

Lamination of lower lashes, while still a relatively new treatment option, is quickly gaining popularity.

How to choose the right shields for a lash lift

Protective shields for lash lifts are crucial to getting good results from the procedure. The size, shape, and material of a lash shield are all factors to think about when making a purchase. The best lash shields are those that are both comfortable and effective at achieving the desired effect, whether that is a subtle or dramatic enhancement.

These next-generation silicone lash lift shields are available from Flawless Lashes by Loreta in a set of 7 pairs. There are 4 sizes for upper lashes and 3 sizes for lower lashes. They have short shields for the upper lashes and long ones for the lower lashes. These covers can also serve as lash lamination shields or lash lift rods. While applying lash lotions, upper lash shields can be used to keep lower lashes in place. These guards improve the quality of life during the lifting/laminating process.

How to choose the right size lash shield

For short, downward-growing Asian eyelashes, the S and SS are a good choice because they are flatter and lift at the base.

For those with shorter lashes, the S and SS curl shapes are ideal because they lift the lashes from the roots while still maintaining a natural appearance.

The most common sizes for lash lift treatments are M and L. For lashes that are medium to long in length, they offer a balanced lift.

They dramatically enhance the look of your eyelashes by lengthening and thickening them. The M and L curl sizes are ideal for emphasising and defining your lashes' natural beauty.

If you have longer lashes, you may not get enough curl from the XL, which is the most rounded and can be used. The XL Lash Shield's most rounded shape makes it tricky to apply uniformly, which can cause a mild curl.

When performing a lash lift treatment, what size lash shield should I use?

When applying our new Lash Lift Shields, we will take into account the client's eyelashes and eye shape, as well as whether or not they want a more dramatic or natural look overall. The lash shield size for your lash lift sessions will be determined by them. Our comprehensive online course will teach you everything you need to know about lash lifting and laminating.

Which is better for a lash lift: rods or shields?

For lash lifts, the artist can use either rods or shields, depending on their preference and level of expertise. Both serve the same function, but each has its own unique set of features, so it is up to you to read the product description and pick the one that is best for you.

Can lash lift shields be reused?

Flawless advises against reusing lash lift shields because they can lose their form over time and can become visibly stained from tinting, diminishing their aesthetic value. The sterilisation process may also fail if the rod or shield has been scratched while using the lash lift tool.

Learn the correct way to lift eyelashes on a silicone shield

Achieving the perfect lash lift is a technique that requires skill and knowledge. Using a silicone shield is an effective way to get beautiful, long-lasting results. But, do you know how to correctly lift eyelashes on a silicone shield? Follow these steps to ensure a safe and effective process:

1. Determine the Right Lift for the Outer Lashes When your client has lashes growing downwards, it can create a sad-eyed appearance. To create a stronger lift, use the thinner end of the shield on the outer corner. This will produce a "D curl" on the outer lashes and make the eyes look brighter.

2. Use the Right Rod Size When working with clients who have long lashes and want a stronger curl, use an M or S size rod, but avoid sticking the ends of the lashes. Not gluing the tips of the natural lashes is not necessarily required. Additionally, if the person has a deep-set or hooded eyelid, choose the rod size based not only on the length of the lashes but also on the shape of the eyelid. A more rounded shape will work better.

3. Select the Right Lash Shield Choosing the right lash shield is key to achieving the desired results.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your client:

  • For beginners, using rods with grooves can be a massive help in getting the right direction of natural lashes, symmetry, and tension. Our lash lift rods are made of soft silicone which makes attachment to the eyelid easy and comfortable while lifting the lashes from the root.
  • Silicone pink shields or rods without grooves are suitable for all levels of artists and clients who prefer a more dramatic curl due to their more curved shape.
  • Our new silicone lash lift shields are best for their softer material, which gives artists an opportunity to provide a more natural-looking lash lamination.

By following these tips, you can achieve a safe and effective lash lift that will leave your clients looking and feeling their best.

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