A retreat for your skin to recover your radiance


Stress, seasonal changes or moisture stripping products can cause the skin to be less hydrated, rough and flaky. Additionally, as we age, skin slows the production of many beneficial components that naturally help skin to be hydrated, such as for example ceramides and Natural Moisturizing Factor.

A hydrated skin is more plumped, radiant and less likely to display wrinkles.

Inspired by the first Malaspina expedition in 1789, in December 2010 an oceanographic research vessel set sail in a journey around the world. The Malaspina expedition navigated across more than 42.000 nautical miles of international waters collecting water samples, from which over 120 unknown bacterial strains were isolated from different depths, salinities and oxygen levels.

During the Malaspina expedition, near the turquoise waters of Mauritius Island, where the waves and the sand create an impressive underwater waterfall illusion, a microorganism was collected.

Pauseîle is a marine ferment extract that invites you to a moisturising experience that seals skin water while restores its softness and radiance.

Pauseîle up-regulates genes of proteins of the cornified envelope, reinforcing epidermal structure and barrier function. It also induces filaggrin, precursor of the Natural Moisturizing Factor, helping to retain moisture and maintain skin pH for a proper desquamation and a healthier glow and softer skin.

Pauseîle also targets lipid components, enhancing ceramides, helping to tighten skin barrier, reducing water loss, and improving corneocyte shedding. Moreover, it protects hyaluronic acid, which increases water retention, and induces synthesis of proteins and lipids of the barrier function.

Pauseîle enhanced luminosity by 40% in 7 days, with efficacies of up to 69% and 90% in 24 h and 28 days, respectively. Furthermore, it improved TEWL (up to -39.7% in 7 days), desquamation (up to -30.6% in 7 days), hydration (up to 68.2% in 7 days) and firmness at all measured times.

Pauseîle is a biotechnological marine-derived active ingredient which is 100% natural origin(ISO 16128), COSMOS approved, vegan and halal certified.

To learn more about Pauseîle visit www.lipotrue.com or contact us at info@lipotrue.com.

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