Col-4-Frag remastered, weaving the collagen net

Published: 12-Feb-2024

Col-4-Frag remastered, the newest addition to the Remastered Fragments line, introduces a sustainable synthetic and biomimetic collagen IV fragment produced by Wild Plants through vertical farming

This innovative solution is designed to enhance the beauty of the V-neckline, focusing on the delicate and susceptible areas of the neck and décolleté.

Acting on the collagen IV net, Col-4-Frag remastered™ anchors it to the epidermis and dermis, raising Perlecan and collagen VII. This results in an increased DEJ relief index and improved skin nourishment, ultimately leading to smoother and tighter skin.

The uniqueness of Col-4-Frag remastered™ lies in its production process. Utilising Wild Plants technology, a biomimetic protein fragment is cloned into an expression vector, transcribed into mRNA in vitro, and inserted through the leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana, leaving nuclei untouched. This groundbreaking technique extracts a sustainable collagen fragment, acting as a protein-like and protein booster that enhances stability, efficacy, and physiological protein synthesis.

Moreover, this technology aligns with sustainability by employing vertical farming for plant cultivation, ensuring responsible resource utilisation throughout the process.

In terms of efficacy, Col-4-Frag remastered™ actively engages with the collagen IV net, aiding in synthesis and maintaining anchoring between the dermis and epidermis. Facilitated by Perlecan and collagen VII, it promotes DEJ relief index, tightness, and nutrient transfer from dermis to epidermis. Perlecan's water retention capacity adds a plumping effect, while in the epidermis, the ingredient supports cell adhesion, basal keratinocyte self-renewal, and depigmentation.

In vivo studies demonstrate Col-4-Frag's high efficacy in reducing wrinkles, enhancing firmness in the neck and décolleté areas, and minimising dark spots in the décolleté. The comprehensive benefits affirm its position as a revolutionary ingredient in the skin care industry.

Embrace the fragments revolution and weave your collagen net to amplify your natural neckline beauty.

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