A freezing blast from the deep sea


Sirtalice is an active marine biotechnological ingredient that can help to recharge skin energy

Nowadays, 24 hours are not enough for busy lifestyles. Whether your little spare time is due to work and personal duties or social events, your skin needs to be taken care of.

Imagine applying a cosmetic product that acts while you are dressing or deciding how to take a selfie. An on-the-go recharging beauty wind to keep up with your daily rhythm.

Skin needs energy to cope with environmental stressors and to repair their damage. A decrease of energy decompensates the balance with stressors and impairs damage repair accelerating skin aging.

Sourced from the deep ocean

Inspired in the first Malaspina expedition in 1789, in December 2010 an oceanographic research vessel set sail in a journey around the world.

The Malaspina expedition navigated across more than 42.000 nautical miles of international waters collecting water samples, from which over 120 unknown bacterial strains were isolated from different depths, salinities and oxygen levels.

During the 2010 Malaspina expedition journey in the Indian ocean, the vessel had the opportunity to seal near the Reunion Island. Cliffs and rocky beaches are eroded by the waves shaping the island’s coastline, and coral barriers form shallow lagoons of turquoise waters provide shelter to thousands of marine species.

Driven from the deep cold ocean near the Reunion Island, Sirtalice emerged from 3,400 m and 1.5ºC as a freezing blast for tired and urban skin.

Sirtalice is an active marine biotechnological ingredient that can help to recharge skin energy and, hence, induce skin protein synthesis improving strength and contraction.

Sirtalice stimulates the synthesis of proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration and energy production.

It also induces key proteins for focal adhesions and cell interactions.

Sirtalice offers an instant lifting and a V-reshape of face contours in only 30 minutes. Its long-lasting efficacy provides a more luminous and firmer.

Sirtalice is a vegan and halal certified active ingredient, which is COSMOS approved and 100% natural origin (ISO standard 16128). For more information, please visit www.lipotrue.com

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