New Office Opening: France SAS and Welcoming Laura Antono Trepreau, Sales Director, France

Published: 15-Dec-2023

Asquan are delighted to announce the establishment of our European subsidiary, ASQUAN FRANCE SAS, located in the beautiful city of Paris, France

This significant development marks a pivotal moment in their commitment to strengthening their connections with their valued European clientele, and they are thrilled to declare that they are now officially open for business!

Furthermore, they are pleased to introduce their newest team member, Laura Antono Trepreau, who will assume the pivotal role of Sales Director for France. Laura's profound knowledge of the local market equips her to provide tailored support and solutions that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and prosperity of their European clients' brands.

Laura brings an impressive two decades of experience in primary packaging within the cosmetic industry, underscoring her prowess in developing high-quality products for beauty enterprises of all scales. Her wealth of knowledge encompasses a diverse array of cosmetic products, ranging from skin care and makeup to fragrances and more, making her a true expert in the field.

Laura's genuine passion and deep understanding of cosmetic packaging will undoubtedly imbue a personalised touch into our interactions with our French clients. Asquan are confident that her involvement will elevate their client service to new heights, delivering outstanding results and fostering the advancement of our clients' brands.

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