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Asquan is a technology and innovation focused company led by an experienced and dynamic team of beauty industry experts–we do things differently and we see the gaps. It allows us to develop ideas quickly and efficiently, bringing forth breakthrough innovations and intuitive design–all with sustainable efforts at the forefront of everything we do.

Our team understands that today’s clients desire more, and we take great pride in our thoughtful and holistic approach: Adept design input, breakthrough innovation, faster-to-market lead times, and most importantly, exemplary customer relationships. With these facets, Asquan is fully dedicated to providing everything you need to bring your products to market quickly and successfully.

Our Services

We provide top-notch customer service to all of our clients. From design to manufacture of production parts our fully loaded support staff is on hand to help your brand through inception to a successful launch. Starting with our knowledgeable sales staff conveniently located globally in a region near you, to our exemplary creative and design teams, to our in-house design engineering, to our Asia-based support staff (PM, Production Engineers, QA/QC teams, and Logistics) – you will receive the upmost care at ever facet of your product’s journey.

Asquan Group

Our Design DNA

Intelligent design is a passion of ours. It’s what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, lackluster or legend. Design can take many forms. It can encompass curve, color, ergonomics. It can be a clever function or have an eco-awareness and sustainable focus. It can be striking or subtle, cost-effective, or opulent, the list is endless.

Asquan Group

At Asquan, it’s our job to help you reinforce your brand story by sharing our passion for what’s new, relevant, and groundbreaking. Over the course of the year, we soak up inspiration from hundreds of different global sources, and every quarter we deliver an innovation deck of packaging and inspiring color/material themes, which we invite you to explore.

The best of these cutting-edge innovations progress to be part of our portfolio of standard components, reinforcing our growing reputation as a robust, future-focused manufacturing partner.

Asquan Eco

Eco-consciousness is at the heart of everything we do at Asquan. It begins with purposeful design with sustainable intent, to sourcing new eco-forward tech and materials, to reducing our own carbon footprint as we grow.

Our in-house Sustainability Manager, Sera Kinoyan, is on hand to share up-to-the-minute information and regulatory advice on water reduction, eco polymers, recycled polymers, and reuse-ability. Working closely with the Asquan design teams, design and production engineers, and factory R & D teams, she also advises on the latest logistics and supply chain protocols where required.

We continually strive to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the beauty packaging industry, so that we may one day ultimately achieve the milestone of eliminating single-use plastic altogether.

Asquan Group

Our Products

Asquan Group is rapidly earning a reputation for standout sustainable packaging innovation and our portfolio of highly designed and curated standard makeup and skincare packaging continues to grow year after year.

What you can’t find in our standard portfolio we can create or customize. Our decoration technology is cutting edge and our design team is on hand to help bring your ideas to life with high quality 3D visualisation, 3D printing, and functioning models. Helping to translate your brand story into tangible and desirable products is what drives us.

Asquan Group

Check out our newest standard offerings!

Soft Square Collection:

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our Asquan skincare standards - the Soft Square Collection! This collection includes: 50mL refillable jar, 50mL refillable airless pump, and 100mL dip tube pump.

The Soft Square Collection is a thoughtfully designed juxtaposition of soft-meets-square with its modern take of a worn river stone aesthetic. There are no flat sides to these components, but rather gently arced curvatures and softly rounded corners and bases for the ultimate hand feel.

In addition to looks, this entire collection was designed with sustainability in mind. The 50mL Refillable Airless Pump and 50mL Refillable Jar are easy and simple to reuse. All parts are made from PP, inclusive of the metal-free pump assembly, making each component fully recyclable (liner in jar cap to be removed before recycling). Most of the parts can be made from recycled materials as well. Refillable, recyclable, and PCR possible–eco-friendly simplicity at its finest.

Easy Airless:

Easy Airless refillable pump – sustainability has never been this easy! This set includes: 30mL and 50mL refillable airless pumps.

The ultimate 3 in 1 pack - Refillable, Recyclable, & PCR Possible. True to its name, the Easy Airless delivers the sought-after airless pump experience with an almost impossibly simple disassembly AND refillable structure that can also be made in PCR materials.

Want to recycle? Easy! With %100 recyclable parts (including the pump) the entire unit can go directly into recycle bins without disassembly. Want to refill? Easy! Just unscrew the empty cartridge from the base then twist in the new refill cartridge and reuse base and over cap. Want to be even more sustainable? Easy! Choose PCR material for your Easy Airless.

Essential Push Button Tottle:

We're pleased to announce that our Essential Push Button Tottle is an award winner! This award-winning design took top place for CosmoPack’s Packaging Design Award. Refillable and mostly mono material with an innovative and new dispensing method - this pack is sure to please. This set includes: 15mL and 30ml refillable tottles.

These units have some amazing innovative features. An integrated spring is built right into the tottle body- dispensing product has never been this cool. Simply push down on the tottle end to dispense easily and cleanly out of the precision nozzle, which comes in 1.2mm or 2mm orifice opening options to fit a wide variety of formulation needs.

The Essential Push Button Tottle Family was designed with sustainability in mind. With a simple push out and snap in- the tottle inner can quickly be replaced for refilling. Essential Push Button Tottle was also designed with recyclability in mind. Made mostly from PP- simply remove the nozzle and recycle the rest. Simple sustainability at its finest.


Skincare or loose powder – the choice is yours!

Another clean and contemporary sustainable addition to our Asquan standard lineup is now available! The SKLP is a unique refillable unit that can hold 30ml of skincare product or 10g of loose powder in one sleek little jar. In addition to its refillable feature, the entire unit is made from recyclable materials and is PCR possible- making this pack an easy eco choice to include in your lineup.


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