New launch of 100% plant-derived dimethicone & lanolin alternative oil

Published: 29-May-2024

SEIWA KASEI introduces a novel alternative ingredient “Vistanol TM GDHR-Pure.” This product is 100% plant-derived oil which can be alternative to both dimethicone and lanolin


  1. Alternative to dimethicone: dimethicone-like texture in the formulation.
  2. Alternative to lanolin: lanolin-like glossiness with little colour and low odour.
  3. 100% natural derived, preservative free and China compliant.


Recent years, as growing demand of natural concept in cosmetics, it is increasing a case to make cosmetics by using plant-derived ingredients. This trend is important in terms of eco-friendly and it will continue in the future. So it is necessary to reproduce excellent function and texture of ingredients that have been used so far by plant-based one. SEIWA KASEI have studied alternative to dimethicone and lanolin and succeeded in producing new plant-based cosmetic ingredients.

Vistanol GDHR-Pure is 100% plant-derived alternative oil to dimethicone and lanolin without any additives. It has a dimethicone-like texture for hair care with small amount. Moreover, Vistanol GDHR-Pure has almost no colour or odour, and it has an excellent handling ability because it doesn’t solidify at room temperature with low viscosity. Heating process before use isn't required, so it would contribute to saving energy at production.

How to use

Vistanol GDHR-Pure is suitable for various cosmetics such as skin care, hair care, makeup, lip care and nail care. It is also recommended for multi-functional cosmetics such as multi-balm.

New launch of 100% plant-derived dimethicone & lanolin alternative oil

Product Information

Vistanol™ GDHR-Pure
INCI name: Glyceryl Diisostearate/Hydrogenated Rosinate

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