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Japanese time-tested manufacturer of innovative cosmetic ingredients, SEIWA KASEI offers high-performance products based on natural derived peptides and/or amino acids with unique marketing claims and relevant data. We keep in mind “Respect the Harmony between Man, Society and Nature” as a venture company of Beauty Life Science

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SEIWA KASEI has been manufacturing cosmetic raw ingredients for more than 60 years since its establishment in 1958. Started by making wax in Osaka, and currently is working on a global scale with agents all over the world.

Our business aims to provide inner abundance to people all over the world. “To make personal care products more functional and effective.” We would like to work on the development of ingredients for that purpose and enhance people's wellbeing.

In the rapidly changing society, SEIWA KASEI will keep meeting the challenge of the changes, and keep moving on the goal of becoming a leading company in the beauty industry.

The latest ingredients


“iVC” is SEIWA original vitamin C derivatives series which is a patented raw material made from vitamin C and glycerin. iVC, Glyceryl Ascorbate and its derivatives has higher stability and functionality than general vitamin C derivatives, or it’s beyond vitamin C.

Botanical Keratin

Seiwa Kasei

Botanical Keratin, Promois WJ-SP is Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, alternative to animal keratin. It has similar effect of hair and skin to keratin and be usable as vegan keratin. This ingredient won the 1st prize of BSB Innovation Award 2022 in the Most innovative Material.

Botanical Silk

Seiwa Kasei

Botanical Silk, Promois™ WR-SP is a hydrolyzed rice protein with conditioning efficacy. Rice protein contains the highest amount of glycine and alanine among plant-derived peptides, and has a silky, light feel. And easily adsorbs to the hair and skin.

Soy Heat Guard

Seiwa Kasei

Soy Heat Guard, Promois WS-HSIGPD is a thermal protective ingredient for hair care. Soy Heat Guard, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein PG-Propyl Methylsilanediol (and) Water moisturizes and repairs hair and improve its texture by heat enhancing effects. It adsorbs to the damaged hair and makes a thin and smooth film by reacting heat process such as hair dryer or hair iron.

Amitose R-PD

Seiwa Kasei

Amitose R-PD, Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCl (and) Water is a readily biodegradable amino acid derived ingredient with multifunctional effect. It adsorbs to skin and hair and provides “Long-lasting Moisturizing” even after washing off. Amitose R-PD is also called “Amino-flora” because it works for good microbiome of skin or scalp flora.

Botanical Lanolin

Seiwa Kasei

Botanical Lanolin, Vistanol GDHR is 100% plant derived oil with high viscosity. INCI name is Glyceryl Diisostearate/Hydrogenated Rosinate and it can be used as alternative to sheep lanolin, due to low odor and less color of Vistanol GDHR even though it has similar effect to general lanolin.

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