Discover the most stable vitamin C derivative “3-Glyceryl Ascorbate”

Published: 27-Mar-2023

Clean ingredient for clean beauty

In the beauty industry, it is focused on “Clean Beauty” or “Conscious Beauty” because consumers require transparency in cosmetics. As a finished product of Clean Beauty, cosmetics claiming green or natural derived are main stream, but what consumers really want is transparency in effects. They want to share its true information and real effect in order to communicate on social media.

One of popular functional ingredients, vitamin C is known as trusted ingredient due to its definite effects such as brightening effect, antioxidant effect, collagen production effect and so on. As Clean Beauty is getting required, vitamin C and its derivatives are getting attention around the world.

SEIWA KASEI has developed a new type of vitamin C derivative, Glyceryl Ascorbate named iVC series since 2010’s and launched 6 kinds of products until now. The bestselling grade among iVC series is Amitose 3GA, INCI name 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, Glycerin and Water.


  1. One of new type of vitamin C derivatives, Glyceryl Ascorbate series
  2. High stability in any formulations
  3. Active ingredient with an anti-photoaging effect

Stability test

Amitose 3GA has a better stability compared to other vitamin C derivatives. It is known that vitamin C has poor stability in aqueous solutions and in cosmetic formulations, so several vitamin C derivatives are developed in order to solve problem of stability. Even though cosmetic ingredient company keep studying, it is still hard to make all cosmetics stably. iVC; Glyceryl Ascorbate series we developed has higher stability than any other vitamin C derivatives, so they make it possible to maintain their functional effects.

Concentrated serum formulation

To make customers feel effect of vitamin C, a concentrated serum is the best. Amitose 3GA shows no colour change even though it contains 15.0% as ascorbic acid part and kept for 12 weeks at 50 degree C. Getting browning like a vitamin C or its derivative mean decrease of the residual ratio, as a result, they couldn’t show enough effect.

Discover the most stable vitamin C derivative “3-Glyceryl Ascorbate”

Clear gel formulation

Generally, it is difficult to keep viscous gel formulation containing ionic compound. Amitose 3GA enables to keep viscosity of gel and doesn’t show colour change even after 4 weeks at 50 degree C. Each sample contains 1.0% as ascorbic acid part.

Discover the most stable vitamin C derivative “3-Glyceryl Ascorbate”

Cream formulation

As a new data, we checked stability in cream formulation. Each sample contains 5.0% as ascorbic acid and kept for 4 weeks at 50 degree C. Vitamin C and vitamin C derivative get browning from the place where it has been exposed to air. On the other hand, Amitose 3GA keeps white appearance and reveals its oxidative stability.

Discover the most stable vitamin C derivative “3-Glyceryl Ascorbate”

How to get in touch with Amitose 3GA?

SEIWA KASEI will exhibit at In-cosmetics Global 2023, booth AN16. Please visit the team and feel stability of Amitose 3GA for yourself.

Product Information

  • Trade name: Amitose TM 3GA
  • INCI name: 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, Glycerin, Water



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