My period brand was the target of a complaints storm. Here's how I fought back

Published: 12-Jun-2023

After receiving hundreds of complaints over an TV advert aimed at breaking period stigma and taboos, Here We Flo founder Susan Allen explains how she managed the misogynistic backlash and spun the situation in her favour

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This article was written by Susan Allen, co-founder of period care and sexual wellness brand Here We Flo

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, we received quite a bit of backlash on our recent 'No More Period Dramas' TV advert, which was a comedic spoof on the Netflix series Bridgerton.

The advert features people in regency dress discussing periods at the dinner table, with ‘Lady Flo’ declaring ‘I’m in a bloody mess!’

Her peers are dismayed, with one of the men fainting in his chair.

On YouTube the ad has had over 35,000 views and counting, but since going live on terrestrial TV channels we have received over 100 complaints. 

To some viewers - mostly men, I might add – the advert is ‘disturbing’, with

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