Murad opts for Aptar’s Neomix pack

Published: 21-May-2020

The Neomix is a dual-dispensing system with two chambers and pumps

For its new Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum, skin care brand Murad has selected the Neomix pack from Aptar.

The Neomix is a dual-dispensing system, featuring two chambers and pumps to provide a fresh mix of formula each time the product is dispensed.

It is said to be ideally suited to products where dual-benefits are important, such as the new Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum, which contains glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells and to enhance the absorption of Murad’s brightening + Vita-C complex.

As Kristen Robinson, Senior Director, New Product Development at Murad, explains: “The two chambers house the concentrated phases based on solubility and allow for a unique oil-in-serum application, keeping the concentrated ingredients separated to ensure a fresh dose of vitamin C with every use.”

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