More award wins for BEAUTYLAB

Published: 16-Jul-2021

BeautyLab has announced four new skin/body care wins, spanning the 2021 Attracta Beauty Awards and Beauty Bible Awards

Best Micellar Water: BeautyLab Micellar Cleansing Water

Effortlessly eliminate impurities and makeup, even the waterproof kind, with this gentle yet effective cleansing water. L-Arginine, white willow bark and radish root peptide come together to boost moisture, encourage collagen production and promote firmness, while offering valuable antimicrobial and calming benefits.

Created for all skin types. Vegan-friendly.

200ml - RRP £15

More award wins for BEAUTYLAB

Best Mask Treatment: BeautyLab Pre-Mask Defence Barrier Cream

Prepare skin for mask-wearing with this innovative, ultra-protective cream - created to help prevent adverse skin reactions and reduce the potential for mechanical damage, irritations, dryness, flare-ups and red rashes. Combining a plant-derived starch, radish root peptide, ceramide NG and polymers, the formula forms a flexible and continuous film over the skin and acts as an effective barrier against micro-particles. While providing powerful antimicrobial benefits, the cream also captures and retains the water necessary to keep the epidermis supple, smooth and comfortable.

Created for all skin types. Vegan-friendly.

100ml - RRP £25

Best Body Moisturiser: BeautyLab Body Moisture Serum

Improve skin’s elasticity and resilience with this fast-absorbing, ultra-nourishing serum. With Hawaiian sea plant, microalgae, peptides and plant collagen, it delivers an instant tightening effect, boosts firmness, assists in repairing the skin and helps to bolster the skin barrier. Offering exceptional hydration, the serum plumps the skin, helps to fade uneven tone and promotes smoothness, suppleness and radiance.

Created for all skin types. Vegan-friendly.

200ml - RRP £22

More award wins for BEAUTYLAB

Best Cleanser Wash: BeautyLab GlycoWash 5%

Deep cleanse, clarify and resurface the skin with this pH-balancing, oil-free, foaming gel wash, designed to target breakouts and prevent future flare-ups. Combining glycolic acid, slow-release salicylic acid, pomegranate enzyme and tea tree, the decongesting formula works to expel impurities, break down excess oil and unclog blockages. Exfoliating away dead cells on both the skin’s surface and within the pores, it promotes a brighter, healthier and more refined appearance.

Created for skin that is blemished, oily, acne-prone. Vegan-friendly.

200ml - RRP £25

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