Millennials choose MAC, CoverGirl and NYX Cosmetics

Published: 23-Aug-2016

Survey reveals millennials favourite beauty looks and brands

Millennials are one of the most often targeted consumers for beauty brands. Where they lead, others follow, making them a lucrative group to attract. But connecting with these consumers can be tough.

A new survey from Influenster has shed some light on the habits of women aged 18-34. The company questioned 5,448 women about their beauty preferences. The respondents had an average age of 25 and were active on social media.

The results showed that almost half of millennial women wear make-up every day (48%), although 37% choose to wear it several times a week and 9% several times a month.

But when it comes to hair-washing, busy millennials have less time for pampering. When asked how often they wash their hair, more than a third admitted to going three or more days without shampoo. That said, 28% of women wash every two days while 23% wash their hair everyday.

Millennials choose MAC, CoverGirl and NYX Cosmetics

When it comes to hair colouring – a trend that continues to be popular with younger consumers – 69% were found to dye their hair, with red the most popular colour. Most colour their hair at home, while 45% visit the salon.

Those surveyed were keen to follow current beauty trends, with 51% trialing the trend for face contouring and 45% trying out highlighters. Gel manicures were the next most popular trend, with 39% of women using these products. Brows remained a focus, with 29% enjoying a bolder brow look.

Mascara is considered the most essential product for millennial women, with 35% saying they would choose this if they could only use one make-up item. Foundation was the next most essential, with 19% of consumers choosing this item. Eyeliner was another popular choice, with 14% of respondents saying they would choose a pencil or liquid liner.

Several brands are already getting it right with these consumers. Favourite brands for consumers include MAC, NYX and Kat Von D. When asked which brand they would choose if they could only use one lipstick, 19% of consumers opted for MAC. When asked the same question about mascara, millennial consumers opted for Covergirl (14%) and Maybelline (13%). Other popular brands in the category included Too Faced Cosmetics with 8% of the vote.

Brands millennials can't live without

Brands millennials can't live without

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