Merck launches bronze pigment

Published: 9-Dec-2015

Metallic shade matches Ronastar Copper Jewel

Pigments supplier Merck is tapping in to the trend for metallics with a new pigment, Miraval Cosmic Bronze.

Miraval Cosmic Bronze is made with synthetic calcium aluminium borosilicate. The components are coated with multiple metal oxides that give the pigment an intense shine, even in small quantities.

The pigment is suitable for use in plastic applications as well as a variety of printing processes. It works with Ronastar Copper Jewel – its colouristic counterpart in Merck's range of cosmetics pigments – in line with the concpet of "inside meets outside" for enhancing products with matching packaging effects.

Next year, Merck plans to launch Miraval Cosmic Silver to complete the metallics range.

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