Meghan Trainor partners with Lip Smackers

Published: 28-Jun-2016

Lip balm brand sponsors Untouchable Tour

Lip Smacker has signed a sponsorship deal for singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor’s latest US tour. The lip balm brand will sponsor the 2016 Untouchable Tour.

Bill George, President of Markwins Beauty Brands, said: “Meghan is an incredibly talented artist who serves as an inspirational leader through her music. Lip Smacker is a brand that stands behind the goals and achievements of our customers, whether big or small. Staying true to our history, we’re honoured to be joining Meghan for the next step in her career where we will celebrate this exceptional artist who is inspiring women everywhere.”

Trainor added: “I’m so excited to have Lip Smacker join me on the Untouchable Tour. Not only am I a fan of the all the different delicious scents and flavours, but I also love their commitment to empowering young women and girls.”

Lip Smacker is offering consumers a chance to win tickets to the tour on social media. Entrants simply need to share a post about why they love Lip Smacker products using the hashtag #LSONTOUR. Twelve winners will receive VIP tickets to the tour while one winner will also be invited to visit LA and meet Trainor in person.

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